Welcome Friend,

Welcome Friend,

I had been thinking about starting a blog; but, I had no idea how or what I would do with it. On the first day of October 2015, I ran across #Write31Days on Micah J. Murray’s blog and thought I’d better jump on board and see what happens. Well, I started with this in mind:

Write 31 Days is about blogging every day of October 2015. I hope it is a journey of pushing myself, creating good writing habits, and self-discovery. If you are journeying with me, thank you and welcome. Also, bring coffee and chocolate.

Then, at the end of the 31 days, I knew I would continue. I had to take some time off over the next few months and only wrote a few things that never made it on the blog. But eventually, I also started adding my poetry and learned to set up menus and make the page more functional. *I still probably have the menus wrong, but they seem to work for me so that is good enough for now (April 2016 if you care to poke fun at my hesitancy for learning interweb related things!)

I’ve also, since we’re past the 31 days, renamed the blog after a song that I wrote a couple of years ago called Be The Beauty. It is about getting out of the way (our own or that of someone we love) so that we can fulfill our dreams and our destinies. Here’s the chorus:

Go be the beauty
That lives inside your dreams

Don’t let me weigh you down,
Just go spread your wings

And fly away…
And find your way…
You are bigger than
This little life I lead

I can’t give to you
All the things you need

But I can set you free
Go be the beautiful you
that I can see…

Thank you for venturing into my world and my journey to be the beauty I see inside my dreams. I hope that there is something here that may encourage or inspire you to do the same. And please remember, donations of coffee and chocolate are always appreciated.


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