Close Your Eyes

29 Feb

Close your eyes…
Feel the sea breeze on your skin
and think of me.
Hear the waves murmur my name
and make believe
that I am standing there.

Close your eyes….
Feel my hand entwined with yours
and bring me back,
back to where life’s years had not
broken our path,
when all we had was time.

Close your eyes…
Feel the sea spray whip around
the face I love.
Know that you will always be
my only one,
no matter where we are.

Lift your eyes.
Watch the moon shine overhead
And tell the lie
That you don’t need me, then move on.
You have to try
To love beyond my loss…


*Tonight, I opened a book of writing prompts to: “Close your eyes right now. What was the first thing to pop into your mind?” I’ve been extremely colour minded lately, and Vicky Beeching has been posting some great pictures of the English coast. So, the very first thing I saw was the one she added today, all swirled in greys and blues. I’ve never been to the ocean, but I felt like I was there.

**I’ve also been writing some of my poetry “in character” as Millie, from a story I’ve been working on. Though not intentionally this time, it feels like her.

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Posted by on 29 February 2016 in Poetry


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