10 Jan

fountain-pen-1854169_1920I am never more naked
          Than when your eyes scan across me,
Reading my scars and my dreams,
          Finding my secrets,
                    Not quite erased,
                              Between the lines,
                    Not fully stated
                              In bold type-hiding in plain sight.
You infer between the two:
          The damage done and undone,
                    The hopes dead and undead,
                              The dreams chased and still chasing…
Bruises left behind
          Amid the paleness of the blank canvas
                    That we call a life,
While it unravels just about
          The moment
                    We think we know
                              What we want,
                                        Where we belong.
So, we knit it back together,
          All the pieces,
Cover up the reality
          That we’ve let ourselves go
Thinking there was no point,
          No meaning,
                    No still-to-come hoped for moment
                              Of anyone at all
                                        Wanting to scan their eyes across us.
We didn’t know
                    There was any such thing as this naked…

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Posted by on 10 January 2017 in Poetry



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