To Honour Her Sacrifice

31 Jan


I had to burn it all down…
The captivity of my un-living,
The walls and bars
Around my unhappiness
That tried to break me
By my own callused
I knew it would hurt,
But I didn’t know it would hurt this much
When I struck the match.

I had to walk away…
The place I thought my roots had grown
Deep down into and
Entwined around
All that had no nourishment
For me.
I knew there was so much unknown
And potential starvation
Even one step in any direction,
But there was definite starvation
Where I stood.
So I took a step.

All the things I used to be
Are gone now.
I can’t go back there
I will always carry them with me
In the fact that I am even alive.
I don’t claim to be great, but
I am better than who I was,
Except for that moment
When who I was released her hold
And lit the match
And walked away…

She holds a special place in my heart.
She was the least of me,
Yet she made me.
She was so scared.
She was so lost
And filled to the brim with pain,
But she loved me
When she saw me
Buried in the rubble of her dreams,
And she promised to dig me out.
She pledged her blood, sweat, and tears
To set me free,
That she would not survive
If she did.

So I live each day
To honour her sacrifice.
I love each day
Because she loved me.
And I will not be afraid to
Light another match
Or take another step
When I see that I can be better,
When I see that I can be worth
Her bravery,
And her love.

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