A Bouquet For You, My Valentine

14 Feb



Hope is like a flower that blooms
In the morning sun;
But days can be long,
Our seasons can be
So hot and dry…
And a flower will wilt
Into nothingness.

Unlike a flower,
Hope may fade into
Phantom pains of nonexistence
And still never be too far gone…
Just the tiniest spark
Of healing light,
And its roots will tingle and stretch out.
Even the slightest whispering breeze
Of “What if?”
And it will perk up its petals.
Murmuring raindrops of “Just maybe”
And its colour is restored.

I cannot grow
A garden of flowers
Under the best of conditions.
But, I have learned,
Through harsh and barren ages,
To tend to hope,
And I will gather mine into
A bouquet for you
When yours has wilted.
I will send you love as the dawn,
Prayers on the winds,
And gentle waters to quench your thirst
Until your hope has bloomed again…

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