The Beautiful Souls

27 Feb


Our beauty lies in the darkness of our dysfunction,
In the gloaming depths of our shattered shallows,
And along the ragged edges of our redemption
That make us who our souls have always been…

Our scars are proof that we cannot contain us,
No mortal space and time can rein us in;
And yet, we walk amidst our haunted echoes
Of past and future, radiating through each other…

Is that how I know you? From inside out of now?
Is that where kindred spirits bloom into a desolate field
Called normalcy and laugh at inside secret hilarity
And cry at the blessing of the weird that rings true to only them?

How could I live without believing that it is beautiful
Beyond the ugliness that we are told we wear;
The precious balance of the anomalous truths
Amid the details that try to prove us unfit for love?

Our journey meanders through the worst of all
To break apart the pieces we would cling to
If we had a choice to pretend we were in harmony…
And then we find someone who hears our song,

And find it resonates with theirs in ways
That couldn’t be if we weren’t broken and so wrong
According to the others, according to ourselves
When we believe the lies that our souls aren’t beautiful…

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