You Meet Me There (in the Dark and Broken)

02 Mar



When I trust You, I can walk on the water
When I doubt, I sink into the depths
Yet I know, even there, You are with me
And even there, You will call me blessed

I can see in my shadows and stumbling
Where You’re willing me onward to grow
And You paint in each challenge I’m facing
The shape of my faith and my soul

You stretch me and strengthen me each time
I crumble apart in Your arms
And though there are dangers, I know that
Their purpose is not mortal harm

You remind me in struggles and battles
I should never forget You’re my need
And You show, through my grief and my failings,
You have grace enough even for me

You tender and shape me to listen
To the calling You placed on my life
You meet me there, in the Dark and the Broken,
Where Your presence is my healing Light

I wouldn’t have chosen this pathway
Had I ever known what was in store,
The pain and the fear that were waiting
To break me open and make me more

I’d have balked at Your leading me to it
I’d have stayed huddled back where I was
Without peace beyond all understanding,
Never  knowing Your infinite Love

So, my Lord, use the lessons I’m learning
In what seem the least likely of ways
Meet me there, in the Dark and the Broken
Where my witness is only Your grace

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Posted by on 2 March 2017 in Poetry


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