The Gift of Uncertainty

07 Mar


I get caught up in those moments
When I think I know the way,
When I’m sure where You are leading
But then, sometimes, You say “stay”.
And again, when I find comfort
In the stillness that I’m in,
The next thing that I know
You turn things upside down again.

And I wonder if I heard You right
Or heard You much at all,
So filled with the uncertainty
That I’ve misheard Your call.
But, if I knew Your reasons
And I knew how this should go,
I wouldn’t have to wait or trust
And take the time to grow
Into the one You’ve called me be
And learn along the way
The lessons that will strengthen me
And strengthen more my faith.

Sometimes I get impatient
As I press my nose against
The surface of my vision where
My breath with fogging mist
Obscures the edges of You
Wrapped in deepest mystery.
Your ways are ever higher than
The lowly ways of me.

And yet, You give me glimpses.
And still, You call my name,
And make my hope the kindling
To fuel faith’s precious flame.
The breath of love sustaining it
Is fire enough to light
Each foothold that I need to walk
The darkest, longest night.
In all of my unknowing,
You’re still evident to me.
Please forgive me when I fight against
Your gift of uncertainty.

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