The Emptiness

13 Mar



There was a heavy hollow
In my spirit,
So empty, yet filled with fear
And all the broken pieces
That I was too scared to part with.

There was an endless ache
For You to work
Through me,
For You to love me and
Redeem my pain.

But I clung so tightly to myself,
Not trusting You to keep me
From falling further apart,
Until I had no choice
But to let go.

As I watched You work,
Emptying me further
Without promise of refilling me
On the way to my tomorrows,
I learned to trust.

And I saw the parallels
Between me and the empty goblets
At the feast
That prompted Jesus
To transform water into wine.

And I saw the valley of the driest bones
Ezekiel told to rise,
And Your spirit filled
Their lungs with breath
To become an army.

And I saw the empty tomb
The women found
On their way to anoint the Saviour,
Where emptiness meant resurrection
Though they didn’t understand right away.

So many times
You used what was empty for Your glory,
So many times
You redeemed what seemed irredeemable,
As only You can do.

And I watched You love me in my emptiness,
And I watched You love me as You refilled me
With a new purpose
And with a new lightness
And with a new hope.

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