You Are God

20 Mar


I had heard the gentle nudges
Urging me onward,
Towards a path
That didn’t make much sense;
So, I didn’t recognize Your voice.

The volume of life kept turning up
Until it was all I could hear;

But You are God…

And only God can outshout
All of the chaos
With the lightest whisper
Of a butterfly’s wings.

Only God can outlast
My hard-of-hearing ignoring
Of an unexpected calling
And send a lightning bolt
Of understanding
To shatter my sky
Into a million pieces
Of instant replays
Of all I had convinced myself
Was silence for all those years;
So I could see a glimpse
Of the mosaic
Of my life.

And only God can outplan
All of that to happen
At exactly the perfect time,
In exactly the perfect way,
With exactly the perfect peace
That comes from a loving Creator
Who will use
Each perfectly-imperfect creation
Shaped for such a time as this.

Now that You have my attention,
Your voice is ringing around me
With messages of hope and wait,
Trust and surrender,
Healing and love,

Pulling me towards my unexpected calling,
Guiding me through the doubts and fears,
Nudging me gently onward
Where it still doesn’t always make sense,
But always and often reminding me
That You are God.

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Posted by on 20 March 2017 in Poetry


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One response to “You Are God

  1. Enjoying the Journey with Harper

    20 March 2017 at 9:13 pm

    Beautiful!!!! 😊😊😊



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