Blessed Are the Lost

27 Mar

I hadn’t meant to wander off.
I wasn’t even sure how I had,
But I found myself alone
On a foreign road,
My only luggage, a heart packed full of fear,
And longing for anything familiar.

When you find yourself alone,
Aren’t you are, surely, lost?

I cried out to God
To be there,
To hold my hand,
To keep me safe,
To show me the way home.

As I walked,
I passed strangers
Who seemed to know this place;
But they didn’t know where I was going,
They didn’t know where I was from,
So, they couldn’t help me.

The wind blew colder,
My heart was sinking,
Aching for just a sign of
What I needed to do,
Where I needed to go;
When a stranger gave me their mittens.

I stood in stunned silence
At the kindness,
The sacrifice,
As I slipped my hands into their warmth.

The clouds rolled in
And the sky threatened to break open
Sending me searching for cover,
Anything to shelter me from the elements;
When a stranger gave me their umbrella.

Again my stunned silence,
Again the kindness,
The sacrifice,
And I stood in its shelter.

I continued on my unplanned detour,
Still not a clue where I was,
When a gust of wind
Ripped the umbrella from my grasp.
I chased it, but couldn’t catch it.

Stopping, I asked God, “Why?”
Crying, I asked God, “Where?”

And a light shone through parting clouds
Dawning in my heart:
Nothing can separate us
From the love of God,
And nothing can be hidden
That isn’t brought into the light.

He had held my hand
In a neighbour’s mittens,
He had kept me safe and dry
With a neighbour’s umbrella,
And I was shown that
Strangers are only neighbours
I haven’t met yet,
And the unfamiliar
Is no less home
Wherever I am on my journey with God,
Because He is always with His children.

Blessed are the lost,
For they find they are home.

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