All the Same

11 Apr



If we fit in with polite society
And match every letter of definable normalcy,
If we go with the flow of what flows around us
And always match the beat of the marching masses,

Will we ever have the strength to follow
Footprints that are a little more radical,
A little less concerned with following the crowd,
A little more concerned with having the crowd follow Him?

If we mold ourselves to be inconspicuous,
To be camouflaged behind the gifted glow of others,
If we only let our colours shine in similar company
And never to a full brightness of our Gift Giver’s glory,

Will we ever paint a rainbow in the dark skies of the lost,
Who need so desperately to behold the promise
Of a Love who creates peace amid the storms?
Will our hue remind of Love’s presence when peace is forgotten in a blur of rainy grey?

If variety is the spice of life
And lukewarm is distasteful blandness our God spits out,
If we never play our inspired melodies
And find our harmonious differences that sing God’s praises,

Will we ever be fit to be savored?
Will we be refreshing and vibrantly distinct as only we could be?
Will we ever be the chord in the song of God’s heart
That our very vibrations of eccentricity bring dancingly alive to Holy Ears?

If Christ chose twelve who were outcasts and misfits,
If He sat with the marginalized that others had deemed unworthy
If God revels in the beauty of those He created to not quite fit in
And counts as friends those willing to colour outside the lines for Him,

Will we dare to be brave and proclaim ourselves non-conformingly,
Exactly as we are and exactly as He names us:
Disciple, Saint, Beloved, God’s Child, Redeemed, and Friend?
Or would we rather be all the same?

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