The Little Pieces…

16 May

Little Pieces blurred

By Rhiannon C. Hall – (c) 2017


The pen strokes blur
Until I really stop and look at them
Haphazardly thumbtack-quilted
Wall of quotes
And wisdom
And dreams

The little pieces of life
That healed my heart
The little pieces I knew
I’d need reminded of
But didn’t know when
So I put them on display

Reminders to wish outlandishly
Reminders to dream and be silly
Reminders to give love away freely
Reminders that love will always stay with me
No matter how much I’ve given away
Reminders that I’ve been seen and heard and accepted
Reminders to ask hard questions
Especially of myself
And to dig deep for hard answers,
But to do it gently, with grace

These little pieces are pieces of me
And I imagine my heart looks very similar
To the wall behind my desk
I imagine the fingerprints
Of friends and family,
God and myself,
Time and life
Are all over me,
Haphazardly quilted together
And they tend to blur
Until we really stop and look at them

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