Wanderer’s Warning

06 Jun


By Rhiannon C. Hall – (c) 2017


The cattails thrum repeatedly on
The haunted hollow fallen log
And echo in the misty gloaming
Heightened by the thickening fog

The bullfrog’s croakings drowning out
The gurgling mud and muck that traps
The boots of every hopeful wanderer
Daring trod an unworn path

The mossy scent of ages gone
Entwines within the traveler’s soul
And anchors them with burdened doubt
Until relinquishing control

They let their fate and destiny
Fall dead amongst the ragged reeds
And in the stillness watch them rot
Alongside their forgotten dreams

A warning caution to us all
When in the snare of swampy trials
Let us boldly charge ahead
Through every aching, stumbling mile

And let us not succumb to what
So many others have before
For just beyond the darkened hellscape
Lies the goal we’re striving towards

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