About Rhiannon

About Rhiannon

In a glorious attempt to talk to herself less, Rhiannon decided to blog. She still talks to herself just as much as ever, probably more. And she enjoys it. There was really never any attempt at not talking to herself. Why are you reading this? Get to the blog and you’ll figure out every quirky thing you ever wanted (or didn’t want) to know about her. Also, she’s weird. And funny. And sappy. And hungry.

Fine, I’ll give you a summary: 39; female; she/her; gay; Christian; physically lives in rural Missouri/mentally lives in London or near the British seaside, depending on her mood and/or the day; sometimes wishes it were 1947, other times wonders what 1947 would have been like with smartphones; looking for her soul mate; and trying to figure out a career path that will both encapsulate and fund her calling in life… as soon as she figures out what that calling is! Now, please, go read the blog!


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