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By Rhiannon C Hall – 21 July 2017


I look at my empty hands

Freshly freed from their beloved burdens

And I wish this season were more about collecting

Than letting go…

And I wish I could even hold my wishes,

But they slip through my grasp

Like the smoke accompanying the genie

From the lamp…

And in the emptiness I hold,

I see it,

I see what I have gained

Through all this loss:

The scars,

The tough and tender reminders

Of thorns

And wrestling

With what could have been

A meant to be

Or maybe always was

A never was…

And I close my hand

And feel the skin

Flex and stretch,

Ready to hold its destiny,

Ready to be seen

In its perfect reality,

Stripped bare and empty…



(This poem was written in 5 minutes as part of Five Minute Friday. The prompt was “Collect”.)


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poem by Rhiannon C Hall – 26 June 2017

The sun will come out
And shine on the world
When something I’ve dreamed of,
Something I’ve clung to
Through years of darkness,

Something I’ve worked for,
Hoped for,
Been scared of,
And cried so many tears over,
Will start

I’m watching the hours count down until
But it has been unfolding for so long…
Each and every today that has danced through my life
Has been a step along
The journey,
And tomorrow is merely another step.

I will leave my comfort zone.
I will step beyond a line
Of never again being able to say:
“I’ve never”
Or “I’ve always wanted”,
And my foot will fall into the space of:
“I am”
And “I have”…

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What Poetry Is


by Rhiannon Hall – (c) 2017

You can ask what poetry is
But brace yourself,
The answer is probably along the lines of
“I don’t know”
And if anyone tells you a solid answer
You can throw that solid thing back at them

The truth is

Poetry is truth
But not a truth that always makes sense
Not a truth that can be paraded around
As information

Poetry is
And creation
And wonder

You can write words
In short and random

Or pleased to keep time
And a measure of rhyme
You can alter the rules
Or fall strictly in line

But even these
Do not carry a guarantee
That the finished product
Is anything at all
It feels like poetry

Can you feel the brushstrokes
Of the words and the spaces
As a picture is painted
Around you?

Can you savour the flavour
Of metaphor
As it drips across your tongue
And melts into sticky pools
In your soul?

Do you cringe at the harshly lit
When it denies you
The freedom of turning your glance
From seeing yourself in its open wounds?

Poetry is a lace curtain
Blowing in the breeze
That never fully blocks out your reality
Of light and darkness
But gauzes overlaid
And flutters the vision
Between your world and mine
And your world
And mine
Are the same and never the same
And the tatted threads
Draw lines around those aspects
And give us insights
That bind our hearts with open-weaved strands
That forever tint our landscape views
In beautifully painful honesty

And somewhere amid all the substance
And lack thereof
You’ll find what poetry is…

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The Battle Rages On…


By Rhiannon C Hall (c) 2017


She watched the sun
Slip behind the world
Clawing bloody trails of lingering
Across all that could be clung to
With its empty caress

She felt her heart
Not siding with the death
But without a flutter to fight
For its lost cause against darkness
Stealing in again

The air blew around
Stirred the scent of sleep
And cool memories that sting
When you aren’t expecting them
To nibble at your mind

And she hated the dark
She hated the way
It stripped away the distractions
And she wished she’d fought a little more
But she closed her eyes

And seconds stretched
Into a bleak eternity
Each aching moment barely letting
Breath carry her into the next
And into the next

She watched the darkness
Turn to gauze and whispers
She felt the charge of cavalry stampede
Against the crawling endlessness and claim
Victory for another day…

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Wanderer’s Warning


By Rhiannon C. Hall – (c) 2017


The cattails thrum repeatedly on
The haunted hollow fallen log
And echo in the misty gloaming
Heightened by the thickening fog

The bullfrog’s croakings drowning out
The gurgling mud and muck that traps
The boots of every hopeful wanderer
Daring trod an unworn path

The mossy scent of ages gone
Entwines within the traveler’s soul
And anchors them with burdened doubt
Until relinquishing control

They let their fate and destiny
Fall dead amongst the ragged reeds
And in the stillness watch them rot
Alongside their forgotten dreams

A warning caution to us all
When in the snare of swampy trials
Let us boldly charge ahead
Through every aching, stumbling mile

And let us not succumb to what
So many others have before
For just beyond the darkened hellscape
Lies the goal we’re striving towards

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by Rhiannon C. Hall – (c) 2017


Spinning-top confusion
As I’m stuck inside a snowglobe
Looking out into the wild
But the glass is fogging over
From my panicked pounding heart
And gasping lungs

All the puzzle pieces floating,
Random in the vortex
And I can’t see what’s coming
And You say to watch
As all the bits will slow
And fall so gracefully
Into divine and perfect places
Where Your holy Wisdom
Planned them always drift
Into a landscape that will
Take my breath away
With it’s beauty
And meant-to-be-ness

Do you see the tears well up
And pour forth when I’m in this water?
Do You know the aches
And dreams
And all the shattered parts
I’m trying to hold together
While I wait and see if one day
They will all make sense?

And You whisper, “hope”
And You call out, “Trust”
And You sing to me, “wait”
And all I want to know is:
Will all of this disaster
Be worth the future that You promise?




This is a piece for Five Minute Friday. Today’s prompt was “future” and the goal is to free write for 5 minutes and stop. Feel free to check them out on twitter at #fmfparty on Thursday evenings.


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Down the Rabbit Hole


by Rhiannon C. Hall – (c) 2017


I followed her thought
Into the dark places
That whisper echoes
That make me shiver
But I didn’t have to fear
For she was with me.

A tangent sounded
Misdirection from the path
I was prepared for
And wound around the heart
Like siren song
Into the rocky waves
But they were not evil

For within love
No phantom grave
Of years gone by
Can quite contain you
No matter if you stumble
Headlong into their abyss
Love always guides you
Back to still waters

And so I let her thought
Lead me astray
Deeper into myself
Because I knew
It would lead me out again,
Out from the presence of my enemies

Another tangent followed
And I followed it
Without a hesitation
But not without a few tears
And not without being seen
And therein lies the healing
Of the journey
Down the rabbit hole
Of deeper conversations
Into the valleys of the shadows
That tried to kills us
And yet we live…


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